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What is Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)?


Jyotish is an ancient astrological system that came to us from The Vedic Culture. Therefore, it is also called "Vedic Astrology".

Jyotish differs from Western astrology, which we all have encountered at least once in a lifetime by answering the question "what is your zodiac sign?" and reading predictions in a magazine. Besides the difference in the way a chart is calculated, Vedic Astrology has a fundamentally distinct approach to the readings, that focuses not only on the material aspects and personal traits but looks deeper at the soul's karmic lessons, life mission, and spiritual path. 

What Is the Difference Between Western Astrology and Jyotish?


Jyotish is different from Western astrology in the counting system as it uses the Sidereal zodiac. The change in the tilt of the Earth, which is called precession,  creates every 2160 years the difference of 1 degree between the signs. We can say that the sidereal zodiac takes into account precession and is based on the position of the Earth relative to the stars. And the tropical zodiac, used by Western astrology, does not take into account precession and is based on the position of the Earth relative to the Sun or on the change of seasons.

This way those, who have their Sun in Scorpio, according to the Tropical zodiac, in the Vedic system (Sidereal Zodiac) often will have it in Libra. All other planetary positions change accordingly. 

Another interesting fact about Jyotish is that it focuses primarily on your ascendant - the sign that was on the horizon at the time of your birth. it changes every 2 hours, so it’s very precise.


The second most important principle in Jyotish is the position of your natal Moon. The Moon in Vedic Astrology represents the mind, so Moon’s sign and house determine how stable the mind will be.  Moon’s sign changes every 2.5 days. We also look at your Nakshatra - the Loonar constellation (there are 28 total). It gives a lot of personal characteristics, describes the talents and karmic lessons that the soul came to solve in this lifetime. 


And then, in the third place we look at the sign of the Sun, which shows our outer expressions in the world, our ego, health, etc. 


Of course, all planets are important, for example, in Jyotish, the position of the most beneficial planet Jupiter will tell us how easy the blessings will come in our life. 


I also look at Atma Karaka - the signification of the soul, which gives an understanding of the biggest karmic lessons. 


What I love the most about Jyotish is that it not only identifies the “problems” but also gives a lot of recommendations on how to harmonize the planets. It includes lifestyle changes, spiritual practice, and sometimes gem and color therapy. 


Many factors are important in Jyotish, it’s a very complex science that takes years and years of studying:) 


60-minute online session (Zoom) - $125

  • Psychological portrait, strengths and weaknesses 

  • Talents, abilities, and life purpose

  • Social and career realization

  • Personal life, relationships, children, finances 

  • Karmic lessons and spiritual development

  • Life periods

  • Recommendations for planetary harmonization


        Book here

Types of Jyotish Consultations: 




Annual Birthday Horoscope (Varshaphala)​

Written detailed description of your individual yearly horoscope - $150

  • Description of the main individual annual transits and current periods. Auspicious and inauspicious periods 

  • Description of your annual chart, its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Focus on the personality traits that need to be developed this year for a harmonious life

  • Identifying the area of ​​attention of the year (Muntha).⠀

  • Planning the year to have support from the planets. Identifying auspicious times for certain activities. 

  • Answers to current questions.


        Book here

Children's Horoscope

60-minute online session (Zoom) - $125

  • Personality characteristics of the child, strengths and weaknesses, talents and developmental potential

  • Karmic lessons and purpose

  • Choice of education and developmental circles

  • Life periods of a child

  • Recommendations for raising a child

  • Child's relationship with the family: family karma interaction with parents


*Consultation is for a parent

       Book here

Couple's Consultation

60-minute online session (Zoom) - $125

  • Analysis of relationships in a couple

  • Karmic lessons

  • Weaknesses and strengths in relationships

  • Ways to harmonize relationships, search for points of contact and development in a couple

  • Addressing the questions of conception and childbirth


         Book here


Choice of an Auspicious Date

Written document - $50

  • Wedding date

  • The best day for a conception of a child

  • Good time to start a business

  • Time for surgery

  • Dates for other important events 

        Book here


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