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What Is Cacao Ceremony?


True cacao (verdadero cacao) is a powerful medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years in South America and is revered as a sacred instrument for communicating with the Gods. For our ceremony, I will prepare cacao according to a special recipe: with the addition of medicinal herbs and roots. The cacao ceremony is designed to connect us with our inner guides, purify the chakras, and set us for living in the Divine flow.


Types of Cacao Ceremonies

Group Ceremony


Over 10 people  - $30/person

  • Cacao ceremony with meditation and mantra chanting in a sacred circle. 

  • Can be happening at your place or at our studio.

  • Deep dive within through guided meditation, when Cacao is used as a catalyst to create a stronger connection with your inner self and the Divine Source. 

  • Can be held with a mixed group or with female participants only (Goddess Circle).

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Private Ceremony 


4 to 9 people - $45/person

  • The ceremony is happening at your sacred place.

  • Includes master-class of Cacao preparation.

  • Personal guided meditation

  • Healing of ancestors and the family lineage

  • Learning the sacred chants together

  • I will take into account your personal requests on what you would like your ceremony to be about.

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